Boundary Court Surgery
1 - 2 Boundary Court
Snells Park
Upper Edmonton
N18 2TB
Tel: 0208 8879 938
Fax: 0208 8879 939
Out of Hours: 111
Boundary Court Surgery

Practice Area

The surgery’s practice area for new registrations covers the postcodes of N9, N18 and part of N17. Please ask at reception if you are not sure if your home falls within our practice area. If you register with us and then move outside our area, you will be asked to register with another doctor closer to your home.

Click on the image below to be taken to an interactive Google Map showing our practice boundary. We accept new registrations from within the red line shown on the map. If you are already registered with the practice and move, you can stay registered with us so long as your new home is still within the line. If you move outside this area, you will need to register with another GP.

Why set a practice boundary?

The practice sets an outer boundary for reasons of practicality. If you or one of your family needed a home visit, for example, and you lived outside our area, it might take the doctor too long to reach you, which would eat into the time available for them to see other patients. Although you may not anticipate needing the doctor to see you at home at the moment, it could be necessary in the future, and the surgery has to plan so it can meet the needs of all its patients.

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